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Our vineyards

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Good wines are made in the vineyard.

Working well here saves you a lot of hassle later in the process

Heart of Piedmont


Our vineyards are located in the heart of Piedmont, on the hills of Monferrato and not far from the Tanaro river. This area is characterized by beautiful white chalk and loam soils, ideal for growing quality grapes. Thanks to a meticulous choice of the right rootstock, our fertile chalk and clay soils give our vines exceptional diversity.

The iDivini vineyards are located in an area declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so we can safely say that we are in the "heart of Piedmont".


We are also very proud to be able to count among our neighbors famous names such as Alba, Nizza Monferrato, Barollo, Barbaresco and undoubtedly Asti.

Working the grapes with love 

A fundamental choice for us was to keep the vineyards close to the cellar: thanks to this decision, the path between the place of grape harvest and the cellar is short, in this way we can guarantee a short and controlled supply chain. This forms an optimal basis for the initiation of the winemaking process.


A pure wine

The production of pure wines primarily begins in the soil. Therefore, we at iDivini expressly renounce the use of insecticides or herbicides. Sure, this requires a little more manual work in the field, but what matters and makes us happy is the result: a pure and honest product.

Native grapes

For the choice of the vine we prefer native varieties, avoiding grapes from other territories. Barbera, Freisa, Pinot Nero and Nebbiolo are grapes that lend themselves perfectly to both a pure wine and a wine resulting from several skilfully blended grapes.

Our search for a unique product is continuous and intense. We can mention for example the Brut Classic Method of our spicy Pinot Nero in combination with the fruity Cortese, but also the elegant Piemonte Cortese DOC, wines that are the result of the cultivation of these grapes in our land.

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