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Cadò dla Tèra

Freisa d'Asti DOC Superiore


When after winter the vine extracts all its energy from the wild earth to create new branches, leaves and fruits, it can really be defined

a 'Gift of the Earth'.

When this vine is a Freisa, it reflects even more the mysterious power of that land.

We therefore chose the Piedmontese name: 'Cadò dla Tèra'.

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Freisa d'Asti DOC Superiore

A 100% Freisa vinified in red, from owned vineyards in Isola d'Asti.

This wine is produced according to the rules of a pure Freisa and therefore enters as a Freisa d'Asti. The wine then passes into oak barrels where it ages for 12 months, then another year in the bottle.

The aromas are delicate and have notes of rose, raspberry, vanilla and spices. A full-bodied and sweetish wine. The roundness of the tannins guarantees a sensational aftertaste.

As the ancestor of Nebbiolo, Freisa is a true primordial grape, combining its powerful tannins with a very delicate aroma of red fruit. Notes of various spices are also well highlighted here.

Serve at 17-18 °.

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