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A toast to creativity

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Making a good wine

When you ask us what goal we have with iDivini, the answer is quite simple:

"Make a good wine".


In fact, this response to a first reading would seem obvious, what different objective could a wine producer have if not that of creating a good wine?  However, the path that leads to the creation of an excellent product becomes complex when you want to ethically produce a wine that meets local tradition and innovation.

It all starts in the vineyard where we work our vines with great attention and care for nature. As winegrowers we know, better than anyone else, that we must be grateful for the resources that the Earth provides us, resources that deserve great respect as it is thanks to them that our vines can give us beautiful and delicious bunches of grapes.

Thanks to this field work, the winemaking process is also pure, thus realizing our philosophy: to create a genuine and excellent product.

Don't just take our word for it: come and visit our cellar and taste it yourself!

Visit our winery


Discover the history of our winery, located in the recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site, where tradition and innovation go hand in hand ...



Our vineyards are located in the heart of Piedmont, on the hills of Monferrato and not far from the Tanaro river.

Barbera, Freisa, Cortese, Pinot Nero and Nebbiolo are the grapes that grow perfectly here ...

Koen and Anna in winery


Discover here the team that works with passion on these wines ...

- Piedmont wine cellars
Piedmont winery
visit Piedmont wineries
Barbera d'Asti Superiore
barbera d'asti

Our winery is in the process of converting from conventional agriculture to SQNPI registration

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